Researching Canvas Learning Management System

Rails MVC perspective of Canvas LMS

In December of 2014, my documentation of the inner-working of the popular Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) was published in the Journal of International Technology and Information Management. The work was part of a larger project spearheaded by Dr. Walter Rodriguez from FGCU’s Institute of Technological Innovation for creating a mobile learning environment.

When I joined, the project was in its final stage; a server was setup to host the Canvas LMS and native mobile applications (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) were built to provide a smooth user experience. I was tasked to expand the user interface to more mobile devices. Along the way, I found the need to understand how all the software works together underneath the learning environment so I start looking into the Canvas LMS. The documentation proved useful for Dr. Rodriguez research paper as one reviewer noted:

The paper provides insights into the functional requirements needed for a mobile learning environment and also provides discussion on some of the challenged faced when developing such an environment for multiple mobile platforms.

The research paper is available here.