Analysis of (Educational) Video Games

The gestalt of the project offer glimps of a 21st century teaching/learning methodology based on the popularity of video games, its fan base, and the massive amount of time people spent on it. People have to learn the game’s mechanic when they want to reached the game goal. People teach when they create walkthrough, answering questions on forum, or come up with rules for game play. To making the game learning meaningful/useful, the content of the game would need to simply (not exactly) mimick our educational topic.

I have always love to play video game (sometime too much), but I never thought it could be combined into education. The thought of this possiblity make my graduate study more exciting. For this project, I created two analysis videos for a popular game by Big Fish Games called Life‑Quest‑2. The first video analyze the game as an educational game (Big Fish Games didn’t design the game to be educational, but there could be educational values nonetheless), and the second offer some redesign ideas to highlight and improve upon the educational aspects.