JavaScript Tutor

Lessons: What is JavaScript? What is a Variable? What is Data and its Types? What are some operations you can do with data? What is JavaScript? Note: some of the instructional content are borrowed from W3schools JavaScript is a programming language, meaning that it allow people who know about it to tell the computer to […]

Project Handy

For a final project in Applied Gadget Sensors in HCI, I made a glove for learning sign language. Using a simple (k-NN) machine learning algorithm and 5 flex sensors connected to an Arduino, this glove can teach a majority of the letters in the American Sign Language alphabets!


Its an adventure game to learn about basic electricity circuitry. Version 1.0!

Game of Fallacies!

This game is based on the fantasy aspect of stopping the popular character Frank Underwood from House of Cards from getting reelected for president. The goal of the game is to recognize the different type of fallacies through anchored learning. The game play can be visualized with the storyboard below. The game context: Presidential Underwood […]

Researching Canvas Learning Management System

In December of 2014, my documentation of the inner-working of the popular Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) was published in the Journal of International Technology and Information Management. The work was part of a larger project spearheaded by Dr. Walter Rodriguez from FGCU’s Institute of Technological Innovation for creating a mobile learning environment. When I joined, the […]

A Tutor for English Grammar

This project concentrates on tutoring the Tenses and Aspect of English Grammar (e.g., walks, walked, will walk, is walking, was walking, will be walking, etc.). Working with another METALS student, I created two tutors: one for practicing conjugating the various forms of a verb tense/aspect and another for using them in context of example sentences.The […]

A Tutor for Coding

The main goal of this project was to understand how can a beginner (in coding) became an expert through the lens of cognitive psychology. The final product was a design of a tutoring lesson for writing a function. It may be surprising to know the product took 2 months to complete, given the seemingly low […]

Middle School Computer Science Curriculum

In Fall 2014, I worked with 2 teammates on a project to design an introductory course to teach computational thinking to middle-school-age girls. The inspiration came from the demand for learning computer science and the low percentage of women computer scientist/engineers in the field. The curriculum’s content is gender neutral, but the pedagogy and the environment designed strived to […]

Analysis of (Educational) Video Games

The gestalt of the project offer glimps of a 21st century teaching/learning methodology based on the popularity of video games, its fan base, and the massive amount of time people spent on it. People have to learn the game’s mechanic when they want to reached the game goal. People teach when they create walkthrough, answering questions on forum, or […]

Documenting WordPress Architecture

‘” used WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS). It is a great software with a many contributors which provide lots of functionality to make website-building easier. At the same time, the large community of contributors with a variety of backgrounds also means lots of confusing documentation and lack of understanding of what it is. So, for my […]