Translating Khan Academy to Vietnamese

While teaching English to street children, I was also volunteering at Khan Academy as a translator and an advocate (someone who promote and oversee the translation process) for the Vietnamese language. After an eventful adventure of networking, I got to be a “lecturer” for Saigon University for a day in order to attend the first [Written […]

Teaching English to Street Children

It all started during my visit of Vietnam in the summer of 2013. On a casual night out to the “sidewalk cafe”, poverty confronted me when a young unkempt girl asked me in her sweet innocent voice: “Uncle, can you give me some money?” My family has advised me before to not give money to beggars because […]

Startup Weekend – Reimaginate

Over the weekend of February 20, 2015, I get to experience what it was like to create a startup. It was fun! The Reimaginate team composed of 2 developers (I was one), a business major student, an artist, and an entrepreneur with a knack for user experience design. Together we tried to make a business […]

SXSWedu 2015

The most inspiring talks of SXSWedu was the keynote by the duo Elizabeth Green and David Epstein. Their talks has a great solution for one of the key aspect of the education system: the teacher’s training. Though seems like antagonists on stage, their ideas actually complement each other. David’s view is to encourage more intelligent people, […]